What ist biocellic+?
Biotechnology opens up new access to modern, natural-based materials and high-quality products. biocellic+,obtained from sugar through a biotechnological process is one of these innovative biomaterials. Due to its nanostructured fiber network, this natural, renewable biopolymer of pure cellulose has unique material properties. It can be produced in the form of fleeces, films, spherical particles or fiber suspensions. The biopolymer can be tailored to different applications. Therefore, a controlled adjustment of special properties is already possible during the biosynthesis. There are no cytotoxic or sensitizing effects of biocellic+. Tests according to ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 (guinea pig and pig) have shown this. biocellic+: 100% vegan. 

Special features
Biotechnologically produced nanocelulose is currently under intensive research for applications in the technology, food industry and cosmetics. It is also excellent for the medical and veterinary field as a wound cover, temporary skin, bandage replacement, implant material and as a scaffold for tissue engineering and artificial tissue Blood vessels. In vitro biocompatibility tests with blood cells and cell cultures showed no influence on cell proliferation. Genotoxicity or haemolytic behavior was excluded. 

Use in veterinary medicine
Animal studies confirm a positive influence of biocellic+ on wound healing. In particular, it promotes healing with reduced scarring and creates an optimal climate. This respiratory-active pad absorbs surplus wound secretions and releases the moisture to the outside. It also provides protection against contamination. Our pads are breathable. They absorb excess wound secretions and transport the moisture to the outside. They also protect against contamination. The pads can be removed painless, since the new skin and the Pads are not coalesce.



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JeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance fine-structured biomaterials. Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • biotechnological production process
  • pure cellulose
  • mechanical stability
  • thermal stability up to 350°C
  • liquid absorption and retention capacity
  • biocompatibility
  • moisture content control
  • skin-friendly and soft interface
  • flexibility
  • material properties and form can be controlled during biosynthesis


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