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The majority of the population suffers from stress and its consequences. The keywords today are: more and faster. You can see the consequences of stress on the skin. 

epi nouvelle+ basic is your way to put an end to constant stress and to regenerate perfectly. The masks simply stick to the skin. It is very easy to apply and use.

The masks consist of at least 95% water. epi nouvelle+ basic is a purely natural product - without chemicals. With epi nouvelle+ basic we support the protection and care of the skin. You can relax because of the pleasant and constant cooling.

Regular use of epi nouvelle+ basic supports the reactivation of the skin. You can combine the masks with high-quality active ingredients.

epi nouvelle+ basic is characterized by: high purity, high quality, Made In Germany, very good skin tolerance, no known allergies, very comfortable on the skin and cooling for up to 4 hours.

Your regeneration starts immediately!

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logo epinouvelleJeNaCell stands for innovative biomaterials

The production is based on a unique technology for continuous production of high-performance biomaterials. epi nouvelle+ – Benefit from the exceptional material properties:

  • very good skin compatibility
  • dermatologically tested
  • 100% natural, feedstocks free from animal origin
  • moisturizing
  • soft and smooth surface
  • breathable
  • gentle and natural care
  • high storage capacity for cosmetic active ingredients


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